Unsigned Band Watch

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Do you like music? Do you like discovering new bands? Do you like rock and indie and music surrounding those genres? Well if you answered yes to any of them, then I have a website for you.

Band Watch aims to bring you some of the best unsigned bands that Britain has to offer. Not only will you be informed about the band, you will be told who those bands are aimed at and what song you should check out. Much like a music magazine would do.

However, unlike a magazine, Band Watch links each unsigned band to one of the bands that influenced them, to bring you all you need to know about an artist who has succeeded.

Read reviews and interviews and go listen.



I don’t like Twitter

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So social networking is taking over and there seems to be a social network out there for everyone, but whilst I use Facebook and MySpace, I don’t like Twitter.

For those who are oblivious to the world that is Twitter, it is a “real-time information network powered by people all around the world and lets you share and discover what’s happening now. It [Twitter] asks “what’s happening”  and makes the answer spread across the globe to millions, immediately.”

Whilst Twitter can allow certain users to keep in touch with people from different industries, many use the site for what I like to call stalking. These “celebs” are not going to follow you, and if they do then they probably not who they say they are. Also I don’t really care what a bunch of no bodies are doing every second of the day.

Also, Facebook was not made so I can read your Twitter feeds. So sort it out.

Thank you.

iPad = iFail

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A week after the iPad went on sale in America, Apple have found themselves faced with problems. Many users were left angry after finding the tablet like computer had to be recalled after failing to load the internet. 

One US iPad owner stated, “I rebooted three times, doesn’t help. My MacBook is running on the same wi-fi network just fine. Not spending $500 on something I can’t even use. It’s going back tomorrow.”

Image courtesy of mashable


Apple sold over 300,000 iPads on the first day of release after chief executive Steve Jobs claimed it to be a “game changer.” However, with many left angry was Gizmodo correct to say the device sucks.

For more information about the iPad watch the video below.

Internet Culture Part 2: Online Publications

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With a techno-savvy generation and a web 2.0 boom, citizen journalism is kicking off. Today more and more people are talking online and sharing stories via social networks and blogs such as this one. News organizations have been known to use citizen journalism when there was no other way of obtaining news. The July 7th bombings in London are a key example of this. Magazines also offer their readers the chance to share their stories, but with a wider audience being reached online has print journalism met its end?


Internet Culture Part 1: Music




Image courtesy of Kate's Comment

As times change and technology gets stronger, many people begin to do things differently. The way the Internet is used in the consumption of music is no exception. Before the age of the Internet and music downloads there was cassettes, vinyl and CDs. Now as MP3 players and iPods are becoming more and more popular, and more and more people are looking to the Internet for their music, what does this mean for record stores and the music industry as a whole?

A recent article by Record Industry boss, John Kennedy, published in the Sun newspaper stated that 95% of downloads are illegal. This in turn, results in more and more bands finding it harder to break into an industry that can’t invest in them. But why are people turning to the Internet? Well, as I believe, simply put, it is a combination of laziness and the word ‘free’. People can access the Internet from the comfort of their homes, however they need to venture outside in order to go to a record store. Whilst there are those who use websites such as HMV, Amazon and iTunes to purchase their music, there are others who look at Limewire for free music as it proves to be more financially acceptable to them. And now with many artists urging fans to download their work, it seems as though this is the way to go.


Aid Launched For Computer Novices

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Image courtesy of BBC News

Image courtesy of BBC News


Whilst there are many people out there who are computer and technology savvy there are many others who are not. Frustrated with the complex technology, a new laptop has been created to give those suffering the help they need.

Going by the name of Alex, and based on Linux, the laptop comes with simplified e-mail, web browsing, image editing and office software. 

Andy Hudson, one of the founders at The Broadband Computer Company, stated that the idea behind the technology was to give users a “simple and enjoyable” experience.

At £39.95 a month, users will have access to telephone support, software updates and broadband access, as well as anti-virus software and 10GB of storage space.

Question is, will the new technology create a new group of citizen journalists, and will it change the media industry as we know it?

Google Buzz: A Social Network To Far?

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Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo, Friends Reunited. All social networks, all have a high amount of users so is the new offering from Google just too much? Do we really need a new social network, after all isn’t the same thing just being reproduced over and over again?

Launched two weeks a go, Google Buzz, which is integrated with the Gmail application, has the same functions as any other social network out there. Users can post status updates, share content, read and comment on friend posts. Much like Facebook which currently has more than 400 million users. And just like Facebook experienced last year, Google Buzz has already been hit by a back lash due to the lack of privacy for users.

An article by Jonathan Fildes on the BBC website has stated that one of the main issues alarming users is Googles decision to give them a ready-made circle of friends composed of the people each user emails the most. Buzz’s product manager Todd Jackson explained the aim of doing this was “to provide a great user experience straight out of the box.” However privacy experts have argued that by doing this the automated friend lists “could cause a problem for journalists, businesses or people having an illicit affair.”

Although Google have said users can remain private by choosing who to share information with, this does not seem the case if the above is anything to go by.

For more information about Google Buzz then watch the video below.

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