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Old old old NME is a lot lot lot better than  now and is how Kerrang! should be.

Maybe someone should take note.


How Private Are We Really?

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As technology has changed more and more things can be done online. We can buy online, bank online and even socialise online, but does anyone ever really stop to think about what information they give away, who reads it, who stores it and where it goes? The answer to this is not really. Today the UK is the third most advanced surveillance societies in the world.

Social networks such as Facebook and MySpace allow you to write as much or as little as you like about yourself. Facebook even allows you to state contact information from phone numbers, email addresses and where you live, as well as stating the school(s) you went to and job details.


I read a book…

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It wasn’t an academic book and chances are it will never help me in an essay. To be honest it was more of a picture book, but it did make me laugh, and no it wasn’t aimed at small children, but I did learn something. I learnt some great lies to tell small children. From the guy who brought you Bunny Suicides and Selfish Pigs, Andy Riley brings silly drawings and wit together for teens and adult all over. So check it out. 

You Know When You’re A 90s Kid When…

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The following list floats around social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook all the time and every now and again you will find that it reaches the surface for you to read and if its subject matter applies to you, makes you feel old and nostalgic.

  • You Can Sing The Rap To The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

  • You Watched Kenan And Kel – Who Loves Orange Soda? Kel Loves Orange Soda. I Do I Do  I Doohoo
  • You Remember When It Was Actually Worth Getting Up On A Saturday Morning To Watch Live & Kicking Or SM:TV Live
  • You Had A Hugh Fringe At Some Point In Your Childhood

Just A Thought….

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Isn’t bubble wrap one of the best inventions ever?

How To Be Interesting/Collections

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Thinking back over this course I remember being told to look at Russell Davies blog on How To Be Interesting and do at least three of the things mentioned within it.

Davies states 10 things to do in order to make yourself more interesting

  • Take at least one picture everyday. Post it to flickr.
  • Start a blog. Write at least one sentence every week.
  • Keep a scrapbook.
  • Every week, read a magazine you’ve never read before.
  • Once a month interview someone for 20 minutes, work out how to make them interesting. Podcast it.
  • Collect something.
  • Once a week sit in a coffee-shop or cafe for an hour and listen to other people’s conversations. Take notes. Blog about it. (Carefully).
  • Every month write 50 words about one piece of visual art, one piece of writing, one piece of music and one piece of film or TV. Do other art forms if you can. Blog about it.
  • Make something.
  • Read.

Now I didn’t actually think about doing any of this really, but looking back over it I can see I’ve covered some of it without trying for example, point two – start a blog – well I think I can say that that is pretty much covered after all I am writing this now aren’t I? Also point ten – read – well I read everyday whether this is in the form of a newspaper, magazine, online article or book as it gets the brain thinking about things outside it’s own world and outside the norm. As for some of the other points to try out well point three – keep a scrapbook and point six – collect something for me converge together.

I love music and often go to gigs. The tickets I get from these gigs I keep and stick in a scrap book. Along with this I often pick up badges, stickers and pieces of card containing information on certain bands, these to are saved and where possible go into the scrap book. Even on general wanders I look for free stuff that may not have any relevance to me, but has a pretty picture on to put into the scrap book. This for me, you may say is my collection and to it I am going to add the guitar picks and drumsticks collected at gigs in the hope it will all mount up to something big one day.


25 Simples Ways To Motivate Yourself

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Now I’m not going to lie, I procrastinate way too much and so do many other people out there. I find that when I have something to do I put it off to the last minute and then get stressy about it needing to be done. I do realize that this isn’t always the best thing so I am going to conquer it, or try at least but where to start you say? Well the answer to that is google.

Typing in ‘ways to motivate’ into a search engine is pretty broad I must admit and I did end up with results such as ’20 ways to motivate your employees without raising their pay’, ’31 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise’ and ’11 ways to motivate geeks’, but along with that I did manage to find something more useful with one website offering 25 ways to motivate yourself courtesy of self help website The Positivity Blog.

The post in question contains tips like the following:

  • Make a deal with yourself. Good for overcoming procrastination and getting things done. You can make the deal small or large. You simply tell yourself something like: When I’m done with this chapter/these reports I can take a walk in the park and enjoy an ice-cream.
  • Remember to have fun. Or create fun in a task. Then you’ll stay motivated to do and finish it.
  • Do something small and create a flow. Just clean your desk. Or pay your bills. Or wash the dishes. You just need to get started. When you have finished that small task you’ll feel more alert and ready to go do the next thing. You just to get started to get motivated. So if you really don’t feel like doing anything, start with something small and work your way out up.
  • Cut down on TV. Do you watch it too much? Watch less of what they are doing in TV-land and do more of what you want to do in life.
  • Think outside your box. Don’t imagine the future from the box of what you have now. Just because your mind is in box of previous experiences doesn’t mean that´s the limits of the world. Your possibilities are much larger. Create the future from the now and from nothing rather than your past to experience bigger changes with fewer limitations than you would if you created it from what you can see from your box.

Although I do realize that not all these tips apply to doing work as soon as you get it, I do see them as useful to know so to read the other 20 tips and well get motivated.

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