Multimedia Journalism: Online Journalism Evaluation

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Part of the Multimedia Journalism module involved me looking into the world of Online Journalism and what exactly the Internet has to offer for all Journalist’s out there, professional or otherwise.

As technology has changed and adapted over the years it’s potential has grown. Although many may say that the Internet hasn’t reached it’s full potential as of yet, I do believe it offers a vast amount and this has been proven throughout this aspect of the module. Journalists are now capable of not only using the Internet as a source for their pieces of writing but as a platform in which they can show their work off. This can be through specific topic websites e.g. music or political debate websites, blogs such as this one or social networking websites such as Twitter and Myspace.



Multimedia Journalism: Module Evaluation

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Since January 2009 I have been doing a Multimedia Journalism module working with the platforms of Broadcast – Audio and Video and the Internet. Question is what did I think of it? Well it was alright. As I have already mentioned in my Audio and Video evaluations, I didn’t see how learning to do what I did was ever going to help me so sometimes it felt like I was wasting my time, but I didn’t mind the Online aspect to the module.

Unlike the other media subjects, Journalism students were made to take this module and I don’t know if this was fair. Yes technology is forever changing and more fields are requiring their workers to have some knowledge of everything so I see why this module was essential to do, but I think it would of been better if we could only focus on the one thing and carry that on into next year. I think that maybe one of the other optional modules would have benefited me more or I would have liked to learn more about something I have never done before so it would have been nice to have the choice. Also when it came to how much time we had to do both Audio and Video everything seemed a bit rushed and camped in. For example, the editing time needed to create the Video piece would run into the time I had for creating my podcast. I do think it would of been better if we did the different parts as a whole class for longer instead of being split into two and only having five weeks for each.


Multimedia Journalism: Video Evaluation

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I can honestly say I hated this part of the module. From the four years of being a media student and two years being a film student previous to starting University, I had learned that the filming part of the courses was the part I enjoyed the least and therefore believe it has contributed to my attitude to this part of the module. I know I don’t want to become a broadcast Journalist so I didn’t see how this part of the Multimedia Journalism module was going to help me in any way. However, I knew I had to get on with it and therefore decided to work with Murray and Saem in order to create my piece.

We decided to create a video about Harrow Campus, focusing on the media department and Student Survey Month. We interviewed students Kaltrina Ademi and Chirine Dirickx as well as Journalism lecturer Patrick Stoddart to get their opinions on University life and the importance of taking part in Student Survey Month. We hoped that if our video was shown to potential students that it would entice them in and make them choose Westminster University.

I personally believe that the group I  was with worked really well together, getting on with what we needed to do as soon as possible in order to get in out of the way. I personally wouldn’t say there were any problems in deciding who did what, where we were going to film and what exactly we were going to film. Everything seemed to run smoothly and everything was shared out equally. There was never a time when someone had nothing to do.


Multimedia Journalism: Audio Evaluation

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For the Audio part of the Multimedia Journalism module we were told we needed to create a podcast. Unlike some podcasts in which you can only hear talking, this one had to have a voice over accompanying pictures and therefore didn’t differ much to the Video work were were asked to do, except this time it was an individual piece.

As I went to see Metallica at the O2 Arena a week or so before we were told to pitch our ideas, I decided to focus on this knowing it is somehow news worthy as they were due to play the same venue at the end of the month. I didn’t want my creation to come across as an advert for the band so I interviewed my friend Connie who I had gone to the first gig with in order to get her opinions on the night, whether or not it was worth the wait for a new album, if their new album was better than their previous ones, if it was worth paying the amount she did to see them and whether or not she would see them again. This way, I knew that my podcast wouldn’t be bias and show the band to be something really amazing.


Students LDN Evaluation

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For the past two weeks, as part of the online aspect of the Multimedia Journalism module, I have taken part in the creation and running of a group blog with four other girls – Debbie Burley, Sabon Hare, Emine Houssein and Sajel Karena. Together we came up with the idea to create a blog which informs all students in London, particularly those aged 18-25,  where they can go for day and nights out and where they can eat some good food for a affordable price. We called this Students LDN. We hoped that students would have found our blog interesting and helpful to them, however with no real feedback of this, I do not know if this was achieved.

Before we started posting our individual posts we needed to allocate each member a role to take on and decided who will be posting when. I took on the role as blog designer. This meant I would control the layout of the page such as what background would we have, what would appear in the side bar – this includes recent posts, categories the posts would go in, a calender – and the overall appearance of the posts. This would include the colour the posts were written in and what colour the links would be. My aim was to make things look as neat as possible. The other members took on the following roles:

  • Debbie – Sites and Servicer – She had the role of linking our blog to other websites in order to get attention
  • Emine – Multimedia – She would upload videos, pictures and audio pieces to the blog
  • Sabon – Community – She had the job of getting attention via social networks such as Facebook
  • Sajel – Editor – She had the job to oversee what the rest of us were doing and make sure we were on track


Multimedia – What Does The Guardian Have To Offer?

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Over the years technology has changed. In the beginning the internet was extremely plain and basic, only offering you information and not allowing you to do anything to it. Then came web 2.0 and everyone becomes involved. Everything is more personal and you are given more to do and more to look at. With the rise of multimedia we are not only hearing music on websites but we are able to watch videos, the biggest website for this is obviously YouTube. With more people being internet savvy, news publications – print and broadcast – need to find new ways for people to stay updated and the Guardian website is no exception.

To look at the newspaper, you may say it is a lot to take it and after a while it seems hard to focus on the constant prose and the fact there is no real breakdown. The website on the other hand is different. With simple navigation it is easy to follow and with videos added to article you don’t feel as though you are having lots and lots of information pushed onto you at once.

When you get on the Guardian website, you can click on the word video where you are soon given a list of categories such as music, politics and technology. This allows you to get the news you want. Some videos make you want to watch more, the Spongebob Squarepants snippet is a key example of this.

If you find yourself wanting to read as well as watch then you can do that to as some videos are integrated within articles themselves, for example Guardian journalist Pascal Wyse wrote an article on an Norwegian orchestra whos instruments are made from icicles. Extreme recycling or what?

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Heres the basics:

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