Multimedia News Day Evaluation

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On April 30 2010, as part of the Advanced Web Journalism module I took part in the multimedia news day. Here the objective was to split into three teams – online, tv and radio – and produce content regarding recent topics. In my case it was the student elections and whether or not students actually felt it was worth voting.

As Jade Baker, the newly elected Vice President of Education, came into the class to do a Q&A session, Helen was able to write an article based on what she said. In order to allow Helen’s article to have a more multimedia vibe to it, myself and Emine decided to create a video vox pop as an accompaniment. Together, we wanted to know if students took the time to vote in the election and why, what they would like to see change and whether or not they would consider running next year.



Miss Fits Evaluation

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For the group project, myself and 11 others (all girls) decided to create a website aimed at women aged 18-25. Together we created what is now known as Miss Fits. As this is a website for women we wanted to cover topics that we knew would appeal to them. After some discussions we decided to settle on four subject areas – Music, Fashion, TV/Film, and Arts. Within these sections readers would get the low down on where to go, what to see and what to wear this summer.

As the festival season is approaching us, I suggested that one of the key features for the website could be festival based articles. As a result of this Emily focused of festival fashion, Thea looked at festival essentials and I created a festival previews list.


Band Watch Evaluation

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For my individual project for the Advanced Web Journalism module I decided to create a blog which would feature unsigned British bands. Here I would state who they are, where they are from, who their fans are likely to be, what song people should check out and linked to their MySpace, much like a music magazine would. However, unlike a typical music magazine who would feature of bands from everywhere I wanted to focus on a small area. 

In order for visitors to not be bored with just being told which unsigned bands they should check out I included interviews to give the blog a more music magazine feel. I also wanted to take one of the bands that have influenced them and plug them as well.

Whilst I managed to achieve what I set out to do, I only chose unsigned bands of one genre and that I liked. If I were to do this project again, or if I choose to carry it on there are things I would like to change. Firstly I would focus on unsigned bands and up and coming bands that are only just becoming known, as this would have been easier. Secondly, I would look at bands from everywhere and of all genres in order to offer variety and bring in a wider audience and lastly, I would choose bands I didn’t like as well as those I do. This way the blog wouldn’t just be able who I like.

Social Media and The Election

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When you hear about social media on the news or read about it in the newspapers, nine times out of ten it will be negative. When people are faced with the term “social media” they instantly think social networking and with this comes risks. Today parents are all to keen to wrap their children up in cotton wool and keep note of what they are doing online, in order to protect them from social predators. However social media is so much more. It is the tool for citizen journalism. Yes it does include the use of social networking but it also refers to blogging.

Today, many use such tools as a way of expression, a way to talk to peers and as a way to find out new things. So surely that is a good thing? Technology has shifted they way things are done. For example, in two weeks time both the general and local election will take place. In order to get the younger generation involved politics has moved online. Facebook has launched Democracy UK, a new web page allowing followers to submit questions to the three key leaders and work out who they should vote  for based on what they believe in.

Due to pages like Democracy UK, younger people are able to understand what is happening in a way that is known to them. They are made to engaged with current happenings without feeling as though they are being talked down to. So parents remember social media isn’t all bad. Jump on the bandwagon and see what you can find.

Unsigned Band Watch

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Do you like music? Do you like discovering new bands? Do you like rock and indie and music surrounding those genres? Well if you answered yes to any of them, then I have a website for you.

Band Watch aims to bring you some of the best unsigned bands that Britain has to offer. Not only will you be informed about the band, you will be told who those bands are aimed at and what song you should check out. Much like a music magazine would do.

However, unlike a magazine, Band Watch links each unsigned band to one of the bands that influenced them, to bring you all you need to know about an artist who has succeeded.

Read reviews and interviews and go listen.


I don’t like Twitter

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So social networking is taking over and there seems to be a social network out there for everyone, but whilst I use Facebook and MySpace, I don’t like Twitter.

For those who are oblivious to the world that is Twitter, it is a “real-time information network powered by people all around the world and lets you share and discover what’s happening now. It [Twitter] asks “what’s happening”  and makes the answer spread across the globe to millions, immediately.”

Whilst Twitter can allow certain users to keep in touch with people from different industries, many use the site for what I like to call stalking. These “celebs” are not going to follow you, and if they do then they probably not who they say they are. Also I don’t really care what a bunch of no bodies are doing every second of the day.

Also, Facebook was not made so I can read your Twitter feeds. So sort it out.

Thank you.

iPad = iFail

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A week after the iPad went on sale in America, Apple have found themselves faced with problems. Many users were left angry after finding the tablet like computer had to be recalled after failing to load the internet. 

One US iPad owner stated, “I rebooted three times, doesn’t help. My MacBook is running on the same wi-fi network just fine. Not spending $500 on something I can’t even use. It’s going back tomorrow.”

Image courtesy of mashable


Apple sold over 300,000 iPads on the first day of release after chief executive Steve Jobs claimed it to be a “game changer.” However, with many left angry was Gizmodo correct to say the device sucks.

For more information about the iPad watch the video below.

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