On April 30 2010, as part of the Advanced Web Journalism module I took part in the multimedia news day. Here the objective was to split into three teams – online, tv and radio – and produce content regarding recent topics. In my case it was the student elections and whether or not students actually felt it was worth voting.

As Jade Baker, the newly elected Vice President of Education, came into the class to do a Q&A session, Helen was able to write an article based on what she said. In order to allow Helen’s article to have a more multimedia vibe to it, myself and Emine decided to create a video vox pop as an accompaniment. Together, we wanted to know if students took the time to vote in the election and why, what they would like to see change and whether or not they would consider running next year.

Results showed that students didn’t seem to care much, with student Constance Amoah finding it hard to remember who she voted for. Even so, I find it easy to relate to those who didn’t vote as I am one of them. As I live two hours a way and commute daily to uni, I find myself only being there when I have to. As a result of this, I didn’t know who was running, what they stood for or when the elections were. The attitudes towards student elections may however explain the attitudes of some young people when it comes to voting in the government. They feel as though they won’t be heard or be taking seriously so begin to say why should I bother. 

Although the content me and Emine produced was not of an amazing standard, it does do what was intended. The only downside of creating a video vox pop is trying to get people to stop and answer your questions. However, overall I am pleased with how the day went.

Whilst the multimedia vibe of the day was a good thing to take part in, I felt it was too news based and focused more on broadcast. Not only do I have no interest going into broadcast journalism, but I also don’t want to work in a newsroom. Yes the day proved easy, but I would like to stick to print and magazines next time, as I feel I would get more out of it by enjoying it more.