For the group project, myself and 11 others (all girls) decided to create a website aimed at women aged 18-25. Together we created what is now known as Miss Fits. As this is a website for women we wanted to cover topics that we knew would appeal to them. After some discussions we decided to settle on four subject areas – Music, Fashion, TV/Film, and Arts. Within these sections readers would get the low down on where to go, what to see and what to wear this summer.

As the festival season is approaching us, I suggested that one of the key features for the website could be festival based articles. As a result of this Emily focused of festival fashion, Thea looked at festival essentials and I created a festival previews list.

As the objective of the module was to produce two pieces to feature on the website, I also decided to do a film review. Originally I was going to review Shutter Island, but this proved to be out of date for when Miss Fits was due to go live. As dvd information regarding the film was yet to be released I wasn’t able to do a dvd preview either. In the end I decided to review Remember Me as this has only just been released in the UK and timed well with the project.

To a certain extent I believed the group worked well, with Carly proving to be a good editor. Originally, we were all given roles to play, mine being music editor, however I don’t believe this went to plan. Due to other modules and personal reasons, it was hard to monitor my section. Not only did Lynne receive most, if not all of the copy to sub, but it was on the website before I had a chance to check it over. In the end my role as music editor went out of the window. I did however help Lynne sub a few pieces of work when I had nothing else to do.

There were members of the group – Avni, Poonam and Naomi – who didn’t seem to participate within the group as much as possible. For example, when working the group sat close to each other in case something needed to be discussed yet Naomi would sit at the opposite site of the room. Also Naomi was meant to help design the site, however when she felt Helen and Jenni were taking over, she failed to ask if there was anything she could do to help. Instead she would distance herself once more.

If I was to do this part of the module again there are a couple things I would change. Firstly, I would take my role as music editor more seriously and overlook what articles were going to be featured within the music section. Secondly, I would rename the fashion section to fashion and beauty and then move Thea’s piece about festival essentials into this section as it is more to do with beauty than music. Lastly, whilst it only takes a couple people to design the website layout, I would like it if the rest of the group had more of a say about the colours used and how things were set out.

Overall, I am happy with the final product and pleased with how most of the group worked together.