For my individual project for the Advanced Web Journalism module I decided to create a blog which would feature unsigned British bands. Here I would state who they are, where they are from, who their fans are likely to be, what song people should check out and linked to their MySpace, much like a music magazine would. However, unlike a typical music magazine who would feature of bands from everywhere I wanted to focus on a small area. 

In order for visitors to not be bored with just being told which unsigned bands they should check out I included interviews to give the blog a more music magazine feel. I also wanted to take one of the bands that have influenced them and plug them as well.

Whilst I managed to achieve what I set out to do, I only chose unsigned bands of one genre and that I liked. If I were to do this project again, or if I choose to carry it on there are things I would like to change. Firstly I would focus on unsigned bands and up and coming bands that are only just becoming known, as this would have been easier. Secondly, I would look at bands from everywhere and of all genres in order to offer variety and bring in a wider audience and lastly, I would choose bands I didn’t like as well as those I do. This way the blog wouldn’t just be able who I like.