When you hear about social media on the news or read about it in the newspapers, nine times out of ten it will be negative. When people are faced with the term “social media” they instantly think social networking and with this comes risks. Today parents are all to keen to wrap their children up in cotton wool and keep note of what they are doing online, in order to protect them from social predators. However social media is so much more. It is the tool for citizen journalism. Yes it does include the use of social networking but it also refers to blogging.

Today, many use such tools as a way of expression, a way to talk to peers and as a way to find out new things. So surely that is a good thing? Technology has shifted they way things are done. For example, in two weeks time both the general and local election will take place. In order to get the younger generation involved politics has moved online. Facebook has launched Democracy UK, a new web page allowing followers to submit questions to the three key leaders and work out who they should vote  for based on what they believe in.

Due to pages like Democracy UK, younger people are able to understand what is happening in a way that is known to them. They are made to engaged with current happenings without feeling as though they are being talked down to. So parents remember social media isn’t all bad. Jump on the bandwagon and see what you can find.