With a techno-savvy generation and a web 2.0 boom, citizen journalism is kicking off. Today more and more people are talking online and sharing stories via social networks and blogs such as this one. News organizations have been known to use citizen journalism when there was no other way of obtaining news. The July 7th bombings in London are a key example of this. Magazines also offer their readers the chance to share their stories, but with a wider audience being reached online has print journalism met its end?

Today we are hearing more and more about pollution and how we are slowly destroying the planet. For many, the stop of print journalism will help towards saving the planet. In order to produce a magazine or newspaper trees need to be cut down and turned to pulp. This process uses energy and chemicals and much is wasted. This then needs to be disposed off. However when something is online it is only electricity used. Also all content online is archived and never lost, where as printed material tends to be read once and may not be able to be recycled if printed on coated material. Although there will be people who prefer hard copies, most publications have websites which share the same stories but add an interactive element. Here, readers are able to view videos, comment on stories and communicate with other readers.

Even though the above factors may be true there is still a group of people who don’t use certain technologies or any at all. For example, some magazines allow you to download their app onto the iPhone and view whenever wherever. If the magazine is taken out of the print circuit you can’t expect everyone to go and buy an iPhone or view online just to get their fix. Also the loss in audience would have a significant impact on the publications revenue. This is not a win win situation for anyone.

So what do I think? Well I would rather have a hard copy than read on a small screen, and I believe many feel the same. Traditional media conventions are far from dying out just yet but in years to come, who is to say what will happen.