Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo, Friends Reunited. All social networks, all have a high amount of users so is the new offering from Google just too much? Do we really need a new social network, after all isn’t the same thing just being reproduced over and over again?

Launched two weeks a go, Google Buzz, which is integrated with the Gmail application, has the same functions as any other social network out there. Users can post status updates, share content, read and comment on friend posts. Much like Facebook which currently has more than 400 million users. And just like Facebook experienced last year, Google Buzz has already been hit by a back lash due to the lack of privacy for users.

An article by Jonathan Fildes on the BBC website has stated that one of the main issues alarming users is Googles decision to give them a ready-made circle of friends composed of the people each user emails the most. Buzz’s product manager Todd Jackson explained the aim of doing this was “to provide a great user experience straight out of the box.” However privacy experts have argued that by doing this the automated friend lists “could cause a problem for journalists, businesses or people having an illicit affair.”

Although Google have said users can remain private by choosing who to share information with, this does not seem the case if the above is anything to go by.

For more information about Google Buzz then watch the video below.