I can honestly say I hated this part of the module. From the four years of being a media student and two years being a film student previous to starting University, I had learned that the filming part of the courses was the part I enjoyed the least and therefore believe it has contributed to my attitude to this part of the module. I know I don’t want to become a broadcast Journalist so I didn’t see how this part of the Multimedia Journalism module was going to help me in any way. However, I knew I had to get on with it and therefore decided to work with Murray and Saem in order to create my piece.

We decided to create a video about Harrow Campus, focusing on the media department and Student Survey Month. We interviewed students Kaltrina Ademi and Chirine Dirickx as well as Journalism lecturer Patrick Stoddart to get their opinions on University life and the importance of taking part in Student Survey Month. We hoped that if our video was shown to potential students that it would entice them in and make them choose Westminster University.

I personally believe that the group I  was with worked really well together, getting on with what we needed to do as soon as possible in order to get in out of the way. I personally wouldn’t say there were any problems in deciding who did what, where we were going to film and what exactly we were going to film. Everything seemed to run smoothly and everything was shared out equally. There was never a time when someone had nothing to do.

As the Video piece was created to be placed online, it automatically differs from what we see on TV. More people are likely to view this video from anywhere in the world and therefore potentially has a big audience watching than if we were to broadcast it on a news program for example. This alone shows how technology is changing the future. I wouldn’t say what we created was overly amazing but I think that is due to the lack of time we had with the recording equipment and the software program available to edit.

Overall I am pleased with what was achieved by me and my group believing we created exactly what we set out to do, but if I can avoid having to do this again I will.

Below is what we produced.