Since January 2009 I have been doing a Multimedia Journalism module working with the platforms of Broadcast – Audio and Video and the Internet. Question is what did I think of it? Well it was alright. As I have already mentioned in my Audio and Video evaluations, I didn’t see how learning to do what I did was ever going to help me so sometimes it felt like I was wasting my time, but I didn’t mind the Online aspect to the module.

Unlike the other media subjects, Journalism students were made to take this module and I don’t know if this was fair. Yes technology is forever changing and more fields are requiring their workers to have some knowledge of everything so I see why this module was essential to do, but I think it would of been better if we could only focus on the one thing and carry that on into next year. I think that maybe one of the other optional modules would have benefited me more or I would have liked to learn more about something I have never done before so it would have been nice to have the choice. Also when it came to how much time we had to do both Audio and Video everything seemed a bit rushed and camped in. For example, the editing time needed to create the Video piece would run into the time I had for creating my podcast. I do think it would of been better if we did the different parts as a whole class for longer instead of being split into two and only having five weeks for each.

I do understand why Journalism students were made to learn the different skills but I do think it would have also benefitted some of the other students on a different media course as well. We are now capable of doing more thanks to the development of the Internet but I don’t know if online multimedia has reached it’s potential just yet, and it is possible that we are still in a trial and error stage with it. I am however looking forward to next year when I take part in advanced web journalism and see what else is out there for Journalists to use in order to benefit them.

Overall how do I think the module could be improved for next year? Well unless timing changes for Audio and Video I think it would be good if new students have a choice in which one they want to do and do online Journalism with that. Also scrap the group blogs if students are made to have an individual blog anyway. When it came to the Online side, more news days would have been good and in general better editing software would be a good help. Whilst I didn’t have that much trouble with iMovie, learning how to do certain things was a bit tricky, but as I have said I am happy with what was produced in the end.