For the Audio part of the Multimedia Journalism module we were told we needed to create a podcast. Unlike some podcasts in which you can only hear talking, this one had to have a voice over accompanying pictures and therefore didn’t differ much to the Video work were were asked to do, except this time it was an individual piece.

As I went to see Metallica at the O2 Arena a week or so before we were told to pitch our ideas, I decided to focus on this knowing it is somehow news worthy as they were due to play the same venue at the end of the month. I didn’t want my creation to come across as an advert for the band so I interviewed my friend Connie who I had gone to the first gig with in order to get her opinions on the night, whether or not it was worth the wait for a new album, if their new album was better than their previous ones, if it was worth paying the amount she did to see them and whether or not she would see them again. This way, I knew that my podcast wouldn’t be bias and show the band to be something really amazing.

I didn’t mind making my podcast, everything was straightforward and the recording and editing was done within one day. I understand how some people may have had trouble creating their piece but for me the only problem I was facing was figuring out how to get my voice over from Audacity to iMovie in order to stick it over pictures. You would think it would have been easy to get my sound clip onto iTunes and place it onto iMovie from there but this didn’t want to happen. After playing around with it and getting annoyed at technology for not being simple I finally managed to get it on to iMovie from the Garage Band program. Once this was done all I had to do is find the right pictures and make sure it was long enough. I decided to put music in the background for added affect.

Overall I do believe podcasts are good to have as many people download them and listen as a way to get the latest news on something they might like or just to catch up on something they may have missed if it is a radio podcast, so I do understand why were asked to make one, however I did feel like I was making a video again and didn’t see how learning to do this was exactly going to help me in what I want to do in the future. If I had to choose to do more Audio work over Video I would as this was more straight forward and I could get on with it at my own pace without having to rely on other people to be ready when I am but I do think I will stick to print platforms if that is a possibility and feel that it would be better if we were given the choice between Audio and Video.

Below is the work I produced.