For those who don’t know, Supersize Vs. Superskinny is a health program shown every Tuesday at 8 on channel four in which two people from either end of the weight spectrum meet and swap their diets in order to try and improve their own lives for the better. I see myself tuning in every week to watch this show and every week I find myself asking why on earth would someone do that to themselves?

Now, I personally don’t eat a lot but never would I want to be so skinny that you can see the bones, and never would I want to be so skinny that I feel like I would break. You hear a lot on the news and in the press about how obesity is on the rise but never about anorexia and people being underweight which can be just as bad. Many people ask for the government to act on cutting out obesity by preventing junk food adverts being shown during children’s shows for example, but no one asks the government to stop the media being so judge mental on how people look, especially celebrities. No one seems bothered about the government tackling the size zero issue.

Whilst the topic of weight will always be popular more needs to be done to educate people on healthy eating and how being stick thin is not necessarily beautiful and can be just as harmful as being overweight/obese.

The clips below make up episode four of the new series, showing just how extreme people’s eating habits can be, and just how bad they can damage the body.

Have a look at the links for more information about the show and health in general.