Over the years technology has changed. In the beginning the internet was extremely plain and basic, only offering you information and not allowing you to do anything to it. Then came web 2.0 and everyone becomes involved. Everything is more personal and you are given more to do and more to look at. With the rise of multimedia we are not only hearing music on websites but we are able to watch videos, the biggest website for this is obviously YouTube. With more people being internet savvy, news publications – print and broadcast – need to find new ways for people to stay updated and the Guardian website is no exception.

To look at the newspaper, you may say it is a lot to take it and after a while it seems hard to focus on the constant prose and the fact there is no real breakdown. The website on the other hand is different. With simple navigation it is easy to follow and with videos added to article you don’t feel as though you are having lots and lots of information pushed onto you at once.

When you get on the Guardian website, you can click on the word video where you are soon given a list of categories such as music, politics and technology. This allows you to get the news you want. Some videos make you want to watch more, the Spongebob Squarepants snippet is a key example of this.

If you find yourself wanting to read as well as watch then you can do that to as some videos are integrated within articles themselves, for example Guardian journalist Pascal Wyse wrote an article on an Norwegian orchestra whos instruments are made from icicles. Extreme recycling or what?