There are loads of social networking sites out there and the likely hood of you being signed up to at least one of them is quite high. Ask people to name a social networking site then chances are you will get the reply of Bebo, Myspace or Facebook. Now a new social networking site seems to be taking over and Twitter is it’s name. 

You can argue that Twitter is a glammed up website for stalkers as it allows to follow and be followed by people it is welcomed by numerous celebrities. I first signed up to Twitter just to see what the fuss was about and unlike other social networking sites, Twitter is very basic. Most social networking sites allow you to write as much as you like about yourself, add videos, pictures and music but Twitter doesn’t. With Twitter you are only given a certain number of characters to use. The aim is to keep it basic but I can’t say I like this. Yes if people want to know something they can ask, but I don’t like being restricted to what I can say. Although I may not get rid of my Twitter account, I can honestly say that this social networking site isn’t the one for me and that I’d much rather stick to Facebook.