If you have the internet or have ever used the internet then there is a high chance that you have used Google as a search engine, but Google itself is more than that. With numerous applications from Google Book Search to Google Earth or Google News to Google Mail, you are offered a lot to play around with. Question is is it really useful?

Asked to use Google Reader and Google News for a week to see how I get on with it I have come to the conclusion that the applications are not for me. Google Reader, is a better version of Google News as it allows you to get RSS feeds to what you actually want. Yes this seems good but I never checked it. If I wanted to know something I’d automatically go to the websites that I knew would provide me with the relevant information. If anything I believe the two applications in question are just a waste of time and Google News is full of information on subjects irrelevant to my interests, however if you want to check out what Google has to off then look here.