Many people believe that when you reach a certain age the internet isn’t for you but with so many websites out there dedicated to the older generations why should the internet just be for young people? With the rise of the silver surfer (and I don’t mean the superhero) more and more websites are being created to cater for the older generation. There is even a specialist website that has been created showing older numerous websites aimed at them. The Daily Mail, even wrote an article about the older internet users and how they beat younger people when it comes to how much time a month they spend surfing the net.

To show that the older generation, who are supposedly technophobes, should not feel left out charity Age Concern have decided to set up their own chat site for over 50s. Named Baby Boomer Bistro, the aim is to allow 50+ to find new people from around the world to become friends with.

Even YouTube isn’t too high tech for one pensioner. Going by the name of geriatric1927, you can follow Peter as he has a chit chat about different things.