Perez Hilton is supposedly the most hated website in Hollywood and maybe just maybe it is clear to see why, I mean imagine surfing the web and finding yourself or your organisation being criticised on this site for everyone else just to laugh at. Now, the majority of the website is made up of so called celebrities so surely they should be used to it, it comes with the job some might say, after all you can’t please everyone. Yes, it is slightly harsher than your regular celebrity fueled magazine but this is what regular people supposedly love and may just explain why Hollywood hates it – none of them are regular.

On a lighter note, sea kittens, what are they you may ask, well let me put your mind at ease. Sea Kittens are just your every day catfish or tuna fish or gold fish or any other fish really with a jazzed up name. No one would be scared of Jaws again. But why you may wonder well as Perez puts it “some folks over at PETA decided to drop some acid and devise a campaign to make people more sympathetic to the plight of fish”, and thus the sea kitten was born. Sounds cute but the reality is, it is still a slimy fish.

Look at what Perez and PETA have to say about the story, it might make you laugh or make you think you want one resulting in you bugging those close to you to buy you one for a special occasion, just like when Harry Potter came out and every one wanted an owl. If you find yourself needing to convince someone as to why you truely need one to fulfill your life and what not then have a poke around the sea kittens website. You can even buy a t-shirt. Woo.