Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend to know anything about football or even pretend to care about who’s who and what the offside rule is but I feel the need to comment upon the sport. For many it a competitive thing that brings all men together to shout and cheer for a good 90 minutes or so. For me it is completely overrated. Not only are the players paid a fortune for technically having an extra long P.E lesson, but there are loads of leagues and cups to be won. What’s the point? It just takes up too much TV time, not that there is much good on these days, and people just get dramatically worked up if their team doesn’t win. So what, it isn’t the end of the world. If I had my way there would be only one cup to be played for a year and the World Cup would just be scrapped (England probably won’t win so why waste your time and money) and the players income would be dramatically cut (only the overpriced ones, not the ones who also have a real job and football is just a hobby so to speak). Let them feel the impact of the current credit crunch for once. 

So, rant over, Articles of Faith you say, well that would be a product from the mind of Russell Brand in which he talks about football, hence the rant about it, although he is more loving toward it than I am. A collection of articles written for Brand’s column in the Guardian, I found it to be an interesting read, with short easy chapters to help you whizz through it. Whilst Brand mentions his beloved West Ham United a lot he does manage to speak about other teams and the state of football in general during three interviews with the likes of David Baddiel,  Noel Gallagher and James Corden. I could sit here and give a full review of the book but I’m just going to say read it and judge it for yourself after all, as one review on Amazon states it is “a must have if you like Russell Brand or football.”